Nautical Bedroom Design Ideas

by Markus Arch

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It might be tempting to buy the biggest bed possible to feather a luxurious nest. But doing this in a small space tends to cause a more cramped feel. Instead, choose a bed with small stature that won't choke the room, such as an iron bed with a see-through headboard and footboard. Or pick a bed with no footboard at all, such as a platform or storage bed. Doing so will keep the middle of your room open, making it feel larger.
Go for It

There are two ways to organize a small bedroom: You can make it dark and cozy with saturated berry reds or chocolate browns. Or, you can boost daylight with barely dressed windows and a light-bouncing color on the wall, such as cloud white or sunshine yellow. Either way, don't take a weak approach. You can be bold in a small space without risking too much money or effort.
Sneak In Storage

When decorating small bedrooms, every square inch is potential storage. Sure, you can stash sweater boxes under the bed, but if you boost the bed frame on blocks and add a voluminous skirt, you can hide a set of luggage under there. Place a storage ottoman under the window to hold extra bedding. Use a chest as a bedside table to gain drawer space. When it comes to organizing a small bedroom, make the most of your closet with an organizer system. And look for wall space where you can hang a bookshelf.
Seize Opportunities in a Small Bedroom

Look for ways to make your small bedroom special. Decorate a bedroom with punchy fabrics and expressive patterns. Choose interesting lighting, such as a charming chandelier or sculptural table lamps. For a small bedroom idea that makes a statement, try an unusual headboard: Pick one that is extra tall, brightly upholstered, or curvy. And use artwork to show off your personality. It doesn't have to be pricey -- framed snapshots will do. Remember, this is the most personal space in your home, so decorate a bedroom with what makes you happy.
Let it Shine

You may want to rethink your black-out window treatments. Embrace natural light, which will help a small bedroom feel light and airy. Layer drapes and light-blocking shades for style and optimal light control.
Think Tall

Here's a small bedroom idea with staying power: Hang window treatments closer to the ceiling to make a room feel taller. Don't believe us? Have a partner hold up curtains to give it a try. It's amazing to see the instant change such a small fix can make.
Raise The Roof

Decorating a small bedroom can get extra tricky with odd nooks and corners. Use light, crisp colors to combat unique features like lower ceilings. Bright whites look luxe in any sized room, and even turn this slanted-ceiling kids' room into a spacious play zone.
Bedside Manners

Be smart about storage when decorating a small bedroom. Employ a nightstand with drawers and shelves and install a floating shelf above for extra storage in a small bedroom. Consider room organizers for small rooms for maximum clutter control.
Soft Edges

When decorating a small bedroom, go for furniture with rounded edges. It will take up less floor space and help widen walkways. Half-circle nightstands and rounded ottomans with hidden storage compartments are the perfect small bedroom accessory.
Boho Chic

Small room decorating doesn't have to be difficult. Our best advice on how to organize a small bedroom? Add one piece of drama. In this bedroom, a suzani patterned tapestry serves as an eye-catching headboard. Pair it was other boho accessories to tie the whole room together.
Layers of Style

You may need to defy convention when it comes to design ideas for small bedrooms. Specifically, get creative with the furniture layout! In this room, the bed slightly overlaps the two windows, but the placement provides ample walkways. Just be sure to move furniture several inches away from the window to make room for blinds and curtains.

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Markus Arch

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